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This work is available framed or unframed. It is float mounted on off-white card and framed with a narrow wooden moulding, stained a dark teal-slate colour. It is glazed with UV protective Art Glass, and has string across the back for immediate hanging.


Edith says: "These pictures came from a wish to delve into the intimate knowledge that family members have of each other’s bodies. I was planning to paint her nude posed on the sofa, but when I saw her getting ready in the bath, I realised that was much better. She was much more relaxed than she would have been posing formally, and got into lots more interesting poses, slopping around trying to find the soap etc. Also the light in our bathroom was really beautiful that day. I like the way that baths are quotidien and bodily, but also have a spiritual association with baptism and cleansing."

Edith Dormandy, 'Mother in Bath 2', 2018, watercolour on paper, 19x14cm

£300.00 Regular Price
£270.00Sale Price
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